The English Garden


The open and windy part of the front site, seen both from the street and the driveway, has been changed into a secluded, lush garden.  


Along the borders there have been planned beds planted with the plants which previously were scattered in the lawn: pines, Picea abies "Virgata", birches. To achieve visual unity some of the conifers with an elaborate shape we removed .

The perennials were selected to complement the roses grown by the house and to create the impression of an English garden.  There has also been planned an arbour with a stepping stone path towards it, so that the furthermost part of the garden would become more attractive and welcoming. 

The garden was renovated without any adjustments to the existing terrain.

Installed:  2012-2013

Location: Vilnius 

Photos by Asta Grabauskienė

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