Planting in Adomas

Mickevičius Square


The planting in Adomas Mickevičius Square in the heart of the historical Vilnius has been renewed to make a better visual link to the surroundings and to use planting that would be long-lived and sustainable.

The idea of the planting scheme was to create the impression of the sculpture of the renowned romantic poet Adomas Mickevičius  wading through a flower meadow. The light pink, lilac, rusty, smoky colors of the flowers  with some intense strokes of dark red and orange complimented the color of the facades of the St. Anne's Church and the neighbouring Bernardine Church, while grasses helped to create a meadow effect and blur the sharper tones. 

The other aim of the initiative was to encourage more perennial planting into the public spaces of the city as such plants tend to blend better in with the surroundings,  preserve nature and its resources,  attract insects and create a better environmental quality. 


Co-author of the project: the Netherlands-based landscape designer Carrie Preston.
Initiative group:
Asta Grabauskienė, Carrie Preston, Renata Mikailionytė, Žana Damauskienė, Jurgita Nalivaika, Evelina Zarembaitė Pastarnokienė, Lidija Sakalauskienė.

Installed: 2017

Location: Vilnius

Photos by Asta Grabauskienė

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