The Row House Garden


The main task here was to convert this tiny site into an intimate retreat for the whole family.

The garden looked quite open, there was nothing that would capture the eye inside it and draw attention from the various trees and houses in the neighborhood on the three sides. 

The owners wanted to change the overall view of the garden, wished to liven it up, have more perennials and flowers. Also, they wanted a place for a climbing frame for their children.

To make the space look larger and more attractive there were used diagonal lines to structure the garden, while the planting was created using several layers of airy deciduous shrubs, perennials, roses and grasses. The few selected flowering perennials had to have a long blooming period. Unifying of the colors of the wooden structures helped to attain the sense of unity. The color of the clay pavers was selected to compliment the facade of the house and the tile roofs seen in the distance. 


Installed: 2014

Location: Kaunas

Photos by Adomas Kaikaris

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