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„Dutch“ Garden, Kaunas



Private Garden

Matas Kalikauskas - Vabalas, A3 studija,


Adomas Kaikaris

The garden got its name not only because of the house style which resembled traditional Dutch architecture, but also because of the careful use of space which was so typical for traditional Dutch gardens. A relatively small site of ca. 1200 sq m had to comprise a swimming pool, a terrace, several sitting areas, a garden shed,  ​a shed for storage, a basketball place. The site needed a retaining wall to support the woody hill on the eastern part of the site, a path structure around the house and a fence.

The challenge was to create all the required structures without overwhelming the space. Geometric, clean, somewhere zigzag lines allowed to make them look lighter and linked the garden with the house. To create a sense of unity, some of the masonry structures such as the retaining wall, the fireplace, the front fence, were built using the same brick pattern which was used for the house facade.

The natural planting enhanced the connection with the adjacent woodland and, after a while, will create more privacy from the neighbouring sites as well as become a part of the lush surrounding nature. 




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