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1. Consultation on the Site or Online

The first phase of the design process is the development of a landscape concept plan in a 3D model. The designer proposes how to shape the terrain, where to place certain functional zones, paths and other hardscape structures, which main plants and where to be used, also provides with the overall idea of the landscape design style.  The plan gives a clear view of the designed spaces, the different levels of the site, the proportions, the design pattern and the color palette.  

2. Development of the Concept Plan

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During the first visit, the designer and the clients examine the site situation, discuss the needs, share the ideas how to make the best use of the site potential, what kind of solutions might be applied, how the garden structure or terrain might be improved, which views have to be screened and which to be enhanced, what kind of materials might be used or what kind of plants might be grown on the site, and etc.  Also, the designer evaluates the price of the actual project.  

They also look through various landscape images and ideas to get grasp of the clients' preferances, and the designer makes some rought sketches of the possible site structure. 

The consultation of 1,5-2 hours costs 200 euro in Vilnius. 
In case of overseas projects, the designer can provide an online consultation after receiving the site plan and the photos.

3. Detail Drawings

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After it has been agreed on the landscape concept, the designer prepares the required detail drawings: a hardscape plan with dimensions, levels, quantities and other relevant information, terrain section plans, also front views, sections, 3D views of the designed hardscape structures (terraces, arbours, pergolas, steps, fences, and etc.), a lighting plan,  a planting moodboard, a planting plan and a plant scedule. The designer selects the required materials, the colors and the textures. 

4. Supervision of Installation Works

The clients are free to choose their own contractors  or those recommended by the designer. The designer visits the site during the main installation phases, discusses the installtion details with the contractors and the clients, provides with the necessary instructions,  supplements the required drawings.

In case of overseas projects, the designer visits the site on a separate agreement as well as gives online consultations, sends additional detailed 3D views.


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