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Asta Grabauskienė, a Lithuania-based landscape designer, has been working on local and some overseas residential and public landscape projects  since 2010.

To pursue this career, as a second after the specialist of Scandinavian linguistics, she decided influenced by her genuine longterm interest in  the history and aesthetics of  Japanese gardens, and namely by their mastership in creating the illusion of space.  Years later, it grew into landscape design studies in Anna Gresham School of Landscape Design (NZ) and constant self-education in classic and contemporary landscape architecture and design. 


She thinks the designed landscape primarily has to look natural in its setting, be creatively tailored as well as meet the clients' needs, be functional and sustainable. The design has to create a long-lasting value which will be revealed only after a while. It has to uplift, become a source of inspiration, yet retain the sense of space. A carefully created environment gives much more - it creates and shapes us.  

The designer visits regularly international seminars, is involved in some public initiatives, and has written a number of publications on landscape design trends. 


In 2009 m. Asta Grabauskienė won 1st place for the best garden project at the APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers, USA) student awards. From 2017 til 2020 she won several awards in the yearly competition „Trends", arranged by "Namas ir aš" (House and Me) magazine, including 1st place in the landscape category in 2018. She is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects,  the Society of Garden Designers (SGD), UK, as well as the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).


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