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„Egle“ Apartments' Garden, Palanga



„Egle“ Apartments


Located in the most beautiful and sensitive part of the Lithuanian seaside resort Palanga and surrounded by the pine forest, the luxury apartment building „Egle“ has been designed as an outstanding piece of organic architecture. The planting compliments the design idea and seeks balance with the setting by re-interpreting nature and connecting the multiple vistas created by the curvilinear, irregular and complex building structure which finds its way through the old forest trees. The base of the building mimics tree trunks, and the soft green moss-like planting, clumps of rustling grasses and flowers help the building to immerse in nature, reflect the ever-changing light and create a sense of vividness, spontaneity and fragility.
All the areas of the site required different approach to planting because of the different amount of sunlight, growing conditions, views, function and level of privacy. Moreover, a large part of the garden had to be built on the roof of the parking area. There have been planted plenty of mature trees, shrubs and hedges as well as around 40 species of perennials (some of them typical for this habitat). All the biodiversity will eventually create a sustainable environment which will become a natural part of this place.

The building has received the Award of the Best Residential Project in the Baltics (2019), and the Best Holiday Apartment Building in Lithuania (2019), also has been selected as one of the five Best Real Estate Projects in Lithuania during the last 13 years (2020).


Asta Grabauskiene



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