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Modern Villa Garden, Kaunas



Private Residence

G. Natkevicius ir partneriai,

The garden by this modern house has been inspired by the lush, jungle-like planting which often pervades modern Latin-American buildings built in exposed concrete and with wide openings. Here, nature plays a vital design role as it serves both as a necessary protection from heat as well as a magnificent, luxurious background seen from inside and outside.
Situated in Zaliakalnis, a green, central and hilly area of Kaunas, with quite a dense neighborhood of buildings both from the interwar and postwar periods on one side and distant views of the central Kaunas on the other side, the site, most of all, needed more shelter along the perimeter of the site. Lush, jungle-like planting borders had to help not only to create more privacy, but also blend the site into Zaliakalnis hills and enhance the beautiful textural surface of the concrete, monochromic building.
The site has a slope rising up to 6 meters and is planned on several levels with the front garden on the top of the site. The project included sculpting of the terrain, planning hardscape structures and implementing lush borders of trees, shrubs and perennials. Both the new soft terrain and the green and dark green hues of the planting helped to link the site to the environment and distant views.

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Patricija Grabauskaite, Asta Grabauskiene



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